I have been Teaching Assistant for MBA and MFE courses at UCLA Anderson School of Management:

  • MFE Statistical Arbitrage (Fall 2020; instructor: Prof. Valentin Haddad)
    An MFE elective on quantitative market-neutral equity strategies: from high-frequency trading to long-horizon strategies

  • MFE Advanced Stochastic Calculus (Fall 2019 and 2020; instructor: Prof. Stavros Panageas)
    An advanced MFE course on modern asset pricing theory.

  • MFE Financial Risk Measurement and Management (Spring 2019, 2020 and 2021; instructor: Prof. Valentin Haddad)
    An MFE course introducing modern frameworks and techniques to identify, measure and manage financial risk

  • MBA Corporate Finance (Winter 2019; instructor: Prof. Antonio Bernardo)
    An MBA course devoted to corporate financial policies, especially corporate investment and optimal capital structure


During my time in Vienna, I was Teaching Assistant for graduate-level courses at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU):

  • Statistics (Fall 2016; instructor: Prof. Kurt Hornik)
    An introduction to numerical methods, data management and visualization in R

  • Microeconomics (Spring 2017; instructor: Prof. Alexander Mürmann)
    A graduate-level introduction to Microeconomic theory: consumer theory, competitive equilibrium, and choice under uncertainty